Reassigning records when key users leave the organization is an important aspect that should be considered during employee off-boarding. Since such users tend to have some tenure in the organization, they usually own Dynamics Plugins or Workflows making it imperative to make such their records are reassigned to another admin account.


I learned the importance of this first-hand after a customer complaint where several default workflows stopped working all of a sudden. Users complained of not being able to create things like Invoices or Orders. When they attempted to create new records, they received the following error:


The user with SystemUserId=XXXXXX in OrganizationContext=XXXXX is not licensed, and its SystemUserAccessMode=0 is not either of (NonInteractive=4, SetupUser=1)


Upon further investigation I learned that the same username appeared in the error code regardless of what user was signed in.


This lead me on to the possibility of records or processes belonging to a particular user who was not properly licensed. I learned that a key user in the organization recently left the organization and their account was deactivated and licenses revoked.


Reassign Records


I used advanced find to filter all processes belonging to this user in order to verify if this was the case, and it was in fact so.



Reactivate Workflows


After reassigning the records I noticed the workflows were all deactivated so that last step is just to make sure all processes are in the active state otherwise your users will have a lot more to complain about.


I hope someone can learn from my experience. Make sure those key user records get reassigned!